Duly Noted Auditions

Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Make an audition appointment at acaspot.

    Simply choose a date and time that works for you, fill out the information form, and hit submit.

  2. Click "Going" on our auditions facebook event page and follow us on instagram.

    This is where you will find the most up-to-date information about your upcoming audition. Audition locations will always be on campus and easily accessible to students.

  3. Choose your song.

    Choose about a one minute segment of a song that shows off your voice best! Make sure it is in your range, add personality to it, and have fun! This is your chance to really show us what you’re made of. Whether it’s a hard and fast alternative-rock song, a mellow ballad, or a jazzy riff, make sure your personality comes through. Please avoid opera and rap. Feel free to sing the song in a different key than the original if it suites you.

  4. Come to your audition!

    Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled audition time to relax and meet some of our current members!

  5. The Audition

    In the audition room, you will be met by a panel of up to three Duly Noted members who will walk you through some exercises to test your range, tonal memory, ability to keep rhythm, and familiarity sight singing. Do Your Best and Don't Stress! It's OK if you can't sight sing, we are mostly interested in your ability to showcase your beautiful voice. That takes us to the last part of the audition, so take a calm breath, and sing a confident solo!

  6. The Callback

    On the last day of auditions we will announce who will proceed to the Callback. At that time we will email additional instructions to those who are called back. During a callback, we conduct a mock rehearsal where auditionees can meet fellow auditionees and the full ensemble and experience what it’s like to sing in our group. The focus here is to see how you perform in a group setting, both musically and socially! Sheet music for the callback will be provided but the best way to approach this portion is to have fun and be yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have any tips for the audition? How should I prepare?

The best way to prepare for you audition is to practice your song! Make sure you feel comfortable and confident when you sing your piece. Try recording yourself singing and listen back so you can make adjustments. The most important things that we are listening for are tuning, vocal support, and projection.

Where will the audition be?

Audition locations will be posted on the Duly Noted Facebook page on the day of the audition. Feel free to send us an email at ucsddulynoted@gmail.com if you are lost or need help finding where to go.

I signed up for an audition, but can't make it. Can I reschedule?

Of course! Just send us an email at ucsddulynoted@gmail.com and we will happily reschedule.

Is experience necessary?

As with everything, experience is helpful. BUT, the difference here is it’s not necessary. We don’t care if you have 8 years of formal training or 8 years of singing in the shower. Some of our members couldn’t read music when they auditioned, but it didn’t stop them, and it shouldn’t stop you. There are people who sound awesome because they have a natural, untrained quality and talent and you could absolutely be that person!

Can I bring a tape/CD to accompany my solo?

Due to the unaccompanied nature of a cappella, we require that you also do your audition a cappella. If you are concerned about a starting pitch, no need to worry! We are glad to give you any pitch you ask for before you start from a keyboard.

How hard is it to get into the group?

Unfortunately, the only people allowed in the audition room are you and a panel of up to three Duly Noted members. Anybody else might become a distraction!

Am I allowed to audition for all the a cappella groups? Can I be in more than one group?

You are absolutely allowed to audition for all of the a cappella groups and we in fact encourage it so you find the right group for you! The a cappella community is tight knit and supportive in every way possible (also by auditioning for all the groups, you have more chances of finding the right fit). While there is no formal policy restricting membership to one group, the time commitments involved with one group alone would probably prohibit you from successfully participating in more than one group.

If I make it into the group, what is the time commitment I should expect to devote to Duly Noted?

On average, the group spends 6 hours in rehearsals a week. Rehearsal times fluctuate each quarter depending on member’s schedules. Also note that we spend a bit of extra time in competition years, to sing at gigs, and to record (all decisions made collectively).